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The compact web guiding X-Guide is suitable to use in narrow webs such as in the label, packaging and nonwoven industry.

With seven different sizes, the X-Guide optimally adjusted to its requirement.

The BST eltromat X-Guide for compact web guiding is highly suitable for use in narrow webs, especially in the label, packaging and nonwoven industries.

With seven different sizes, the X-Guide can be optimally adjusted to your requirements. Its compact, modular shape and the integrated controller allow for problem-free installation, even in small space.


BST eltromat Web Guiding: Your Benefits

  • Reliable web guiding
  • Implementable in the most diverse production processes
  • Suitable for a wide range of materials
  • Effective in minimizing waste and downtimes
  • Individual design

Another significant advantage of the X-Guide is its intuitive operation, which takes place via an ergonomic keyboard and allows for direct access to all important control functions.

The maintenance-free brushless drive allows for efficient operation, even in extreme conditions.

X-Guide System Equipment:

  • Compatible with all digital standard edge sensors (optical or ultrasonic)
  • Selectable control side
  • Regulation by web edge
  • Manual sensor adjustment
  • Remote operation via digital inputs (digital I/O)

X-Guide Options:

  •  Regulation by web edge and web center-line (two edge sensors)