Highlights at Label Forum


Highlights at Label Forum Japan

BST eltromat Japan will demonstrate their suitable products e.g. for web monitoring and web guiding for label manufacturing at this year's Label Forum Japan 2019 (booth J-2). The exhibition show and conference will take place in Tokyo from July 9 to 10. The products from BST eltromat meet the most customer's requirements for quality assurance in label manufacturing. They are characterized by ease-of-use, reliability and durability.

A highlight on the booth J-2 will be the web monitoring system POWERScope 5000. This modular system offers consistently high image quality. The electronic and wear-free zoom delivers excellent images of the printed webs, free of distortions, while the high-power LED strobe ensures an even illumination of the webs and a long service life. This allows machine operators to recognize printing irregularities reliably and quickly. The compact design of the camera unit means that the space required is minimal. The system also features an innovative operating concept with intuitive gesture control, similar to the two finger gesture control in smartphones. The user interface is reduced to the key functions for the printers, making it extremely clear and simple to operate. An optional touch screen is available, which combines the display of live images from the printer and operation in a user-friendly way.

In the field of web guiding, BST eltromat Japan will show the X-Guide web guiding system. With different sizes and various specifications, the X-Guide is individually configurable and extremely efficient in its use. The compact design allows that the system can be installed easily, even in small spaces. Another significant advantage of the X-Guide is its intuitive operation. X-Guide is equipped with the controller ekrCON100, an actuator and a sensor. Customers can choose between different sensors, e.g. sensor IR2011 or sensor US2010, depending on which one fits better. The actuator is a maintenance free actuator. Beside the product advantages, X-Guide has a big price advantage in the narrow web market.

Customers and interested visitors are also invited to learn more about the other product fields from BST eltromat for the label and narrow web industry: 100% inspection, color management, register control and color measurement.

Therefore the BST eltromat Japan team will be happy to inform customers e.g. about the new 100% inspection system TubeScan Digital Strobe 4k from BST eltromat partner Nyquist Systems. Nyquist is a member of the BST Group since the beginning of 2019. The TubeScan Digital Strobe 4k celebrated its world premiere at the All4Pack exhibition last year in Paris.  The new TubeScan Digital Strobe 4k is equipped with an innovative German-made 9-megapixel camera technology. It is the world’s first 100% inspection system on a hybrid basis with a 4k resolution to generate 100% image reproduction. The TubeScan Digital Strobe 4k, which has offered the 4k resolution usual to line scan cameras for many years, now satisfies the requirements of high-quality printing and surface inspection in narrow web printing.  The camera will allow the portfolio to produce a resolution of 83 µm and/or 100 µm for label printing with bandwidths of 330 mm to 430 mm. For special applications, the new technology will allow resolutions of up to 55 µm.

Visit BST eltromat Japan at Label Forum show in Tokyo at booth J-2.